Aug 2019 :: Invited panelist at Sundown Drinks: Future of Science event organized by SGInnovate.

Jul 2019 :: Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility to University of Edinburgh.

Jul 2019 :: Paper ‘SmartBFA: A Passive Crowdsourcing System for Point-to-Point Barrier-Free Access’ is accepted for publication in IEEE LCN 2019.

Jun 2019 :: Nominated for SMU-X Excellent Teacher Award, SMU Teaching Excellence Awards, 2019.

Jun 2019 :: CBD Mapping Exercise by the SmartBFA team and other interns! More updates coming soon!

May 2019 :: Judge @ LCSI Youth E3 Impacthon [post event writeup].

May 2019 :: Talk on ‘#TechForGood: Harnessing Cyber-Physical Systems to Improve Social Outcomes’ in CS Workshop @ SMU.

Apr 2019 :: Joined Mercurics as a Principal Consultant.

Apr 2019 :: Podcast on Creating an inclusive society through crowdsourced barrier-free access information. icon-pdf

Apr 2019 :: IS439 Internet of Things (IoT): Technology and Applications Poster/Demo Day.

Apr 2019 :: SMT203 Smart City Systems and Management Poster/Demo Day. icon-pdf

Apr 2019 :: IS447 Smart Healthcare in Asia Poster/Demo Day.

Mar 2019 :: SMU Open House 2019.

Mar 2019 :: Assisted Living Facilities Association (ALFA) launches Good Practice Guide: Assisted Living Tool for Dignity and Discerned Autonomy, & Public Education Videos.

Mar 2019 :: SmartBFA exhibition at SDSC Industry Engagement and Demo Day.

Jan 2019 :: SIS Early Admissions Discovery Day @ SMU SIS.

Jan 2019 :: Panelist on Women In Tech @ SMU SIS. icon-pdf

Jan 2019 :: Co-Instructor for Workshop on IoT for Elderly 2019 at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Jan 2019 :: Paper presentations of ‘BLE-enabled Medication Events Monitoring System (MEMS) for Community Dwelling Seniors’ and ‘Quantifying Activity Levels of Community-Dwelling Seniors Through Beacon Monitoring’ @ ICOIN 2019.

Jan 2019 :: IS447 Smart Healthcare in Asia is now a SMU-X course!

Jan 2019 :: New course on SMT203 Smart Cities Systems and Management!