Dec 2020 :: ‘Creating a barrier-free Singapore through crowdsourcing – the SmartBFA experience’ will be presented as an on-demand video in the STACK 2020 Developers Conference!

Nov 2020 :: IEEE LCN 2020 is now online!

Jul 2020 :: Joined FedEx Express, Asia Pacific as a Data Science and Operations Research Advisor!

Jul 2020 :: Our work on the use of smart sensors to detect mild cognitive impairments in seniors is featured in the Straits Times!

Jun 2020 :: Course on ‘Providing ML Models as a Service using APIs’, conducted for the Singapore Data Science Consortium (SDSC).

May 2020 :: Course on ‘Introduction to People Profile using Clustering’, conducted for the Singapore Data Science Consortium (SDSC).

May 2020 :: Paper ‘Early Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment with In-Home Sensors to Monitor Behavior Patterns in Community Dwelling Seniors in Singapore: A Cross-Sectional Feasibility Study’ is published in the in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

May 2020 :: SmartBFA (Finding the Path to an Inclusive Society) is featured in the Research@SMU Booklet: Strengthening Social Fabric & Quality of Life.

Mar 2020 :: SmartBFA is featured in ChannelNewsAsia’s Gadg(aid) Episode 1 – Breaking Physical Boundaries. Link to CNA article.

Feb 2020 :: Papers ‘A data-driven approach to understand activity participation of community dwelling seniors’ and ‘SmartBFA – Smart Mobility and Accessibility for Barrier-Free Access’ will be presented at the AIC Community Care Conference 2020.