IS480, SMU, Singapore

IS480 Final Year Project Supervision @ SMU, Singapore

IS480 (Final Year Project) – AY18 Term 2

IS480 (Final Year Project) – AY17 Term 2

IS480 Final Year Project Sponsorship @ SMU, Singapore

IS480 (Final Year Project) – AY17 Term 1

  • [Team Florify] Team Florify is aimed at building a case management system that will help to optimize the current processes of NTUC-Health.

IS480 (Final Year Project) – AY16 Term 2

  • [Team Tetris] Team Tetris is aimed at building a tool that allows community caregivers to easily customize alerts for their elderly beneficiaries.

IS480 (Final Year Project) – AY16 Term 1

  • [Team Gemini] In many eldercare centres, there is usually a very high elderly-to-caregiver ratio. The focus of the project is to prototype and testbed an IoT-based solution that can notify caregivers when the system detects that the elderly are attempting to stand up from their chairs. Nowtify allows caregivers to provide prompt assistance to the elderly, so that falls can be minimized. Nowtify is currently testbedded at St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre. Nowtify has been featured in《联合早报icon-pdf.

2016-is480-gemini-nowtify 2016-is480-gemini-nowtify-2 2016-is480-gemini-nowtify-1

  • [Team HumbleBees] WheelRoutes is a project that crowd-sources data from wheelchair users using IoT devices, and processes these data into wheelchair accessibility information for the public. This information includes tried-and-tested routes and route quality (i.e. bumpiness, gradient of slope and users’ feedback), which will be displayed on Google Maps. WheelRoutes sets the foundation of a larger national initiative that aims to map out the Barrier Free Access routes throughout Singapore.

2016-is480-humblebees-wheelroutes  2016-is480-humblebees-wheelroutes-1